Sunday, December 05, 2010

wedding ideas.

i'm leaning towards the idea of billy balls as a means of saving money on bouquets and boutoneirres.
love the idea of the dream catcher. will see these in grey at our wedding.
going with a sort of tree theme and absolutely loves these holders. will use them for place cards at each table.
our table cards will look something like this. plain and simple but chic.
love the ideas of the moss balls with roses. not sure mine will look exactly like this but something of this sort down the aisle during the wedding.
absolutely love this guestbook idea. this will most likely be what we go with.
love the grey and yellow tuxedo idea.
will most likely use these for picture purposes.
since our pup riley will most likely be unable to make it, these will be our cards in reminder of him.

mason jars are a unique form of lighting that i plan on using for our wedding.

billy balls are so cute!

manzanita branch will be part of our reception centerpieces.

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